Afure Health

Control your "Blood Pressure" for a healthier and better you.  Software application designed to empower you and help manage your "high blood pressure" from one place.

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Afure Health

Our "High Blood Pressure" mobile application and software allows for you and your Doctor to share information for a better treatment result.  

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Keep track of your "blood pressure" and "treatment goals" from anywhere!

Afure Health software gathers and displays your blood pressure, including your weight in on any device.

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Amazing Usability

  1. Mobile Application: One click import, as a patient you want your blood pressure and weight information at your fingertips, including software to easily share when the need arise.
  2. Online Health Team- Clinicians, Nurses, Nutritionists, Fitness Coaches availbale to help you reach your goals.
  3. Database: Data analytics for treatment response, collection of anonymous data for research and predictive analysis.

Supported Providers


Awesome Features


Allows seamless sharing of your healthcare information with your providers and family.

Security and Peace of Mind

Compliance with the highest digital healthcare information safeguards for your sensitive data.

It’s Personal

Your Health coach is available.  It’s all about you and your needs. We have 24/7 Support for questions regarding site access and use.

Our Team

Peter Spence, MD CEO, Co-Founder
James Carbone CTO, Co-Founder
Ron Mohamed Chief Engineer, Co-Founder

Technical Integration Partners

Address 111 John Street #420 New York, NY 10038